What is AeroHydro?

It’s MultiSurf, it’s SurfaceWorks, it’s all the familiar names and more. It’s a complete computer aided design (CAD) package with the ability to create freeform surface shapes that in other CAD packages are either difficult to create or not available at all. Choose the option(s) you want!
Add our pattern-making software suite – Flattener
Advanced Hydrostatics – Hydro
SolidWorks Integration with MultiSurf and SurfaceWorks available

* NEW! MultiSurf and SurfaceWorks 8.7 now available! SurfaceWorks subscribers:download it on the SurfaceWorks support site. Subscribers to MultiSurf, go to Marine support site.

Hydro now includes a powerful new feature, which will give you greater flexibility in analyzing a vessel’s stability. Read more.