AeroHydro Products

Marine design

  • MultiSurf
    3D design for complete marine design (hull, deck, keel, interiors, super structures)
  • Hydro
    A program for calculation of flotation and righting moments of an elongated floating body, such as the hull of a boat or a ship.
    Flat plate expansion of Developable Surfaces for MultiSurf
  • Flattener
    Compound plate expansion utility based on AeroHydro’s unique flattening technology
    A velocity prediction program for sailboats
  • CFD
    Computational fluid dynamics

Industrial design

  • SurfaceWorks
    An add-on to Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation’s solid modeling application which synergistically combines solid and surface modeling       Slide Show Demo
  • SurfaceWorks Solo
    Stand-alone version of SurfaceWorks
  • Flattener
    Designs a flat pattern to be cut from stock and subjected to a forming process in order to form a curved surface

Relational Geometry kernel

  • The basis of all AeroHydro 3D design software