MSDEV – Flat Plate Expansion of Developable Surfaces for MultiSurf

MSDEV is a MultiSurf utility that reads in panel ruling files (.RUL) created in MultiSurf and outputs DXF, 2D, and/or text files of the developed shapes of the panels, plus a “weights” file.

devtutFor DXF and 2DD output, various options are available for controlling what information is included with the developed shapes, e.g. one option allows you to substitute equal bend lines for ruling lines. Equal bend lines are an alternate set of ruling lines that show where a panel must be bent for any specified bend angle.

msdevThe output text file contains the 2D coordinates of either the ruling lines or equal bend lines of the developed panels, plus the coordinates for any contours, snakes, magnets, and rings included in the ruling file.

The “weights” text file (.WTS) contains each panel’s area, center of gravity (in 3D), and weight, as well as the totals for each of these amounts. These figures are very useful for estimating the total weight and center of gravity for the whole model.

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