Advanced Modeling


Additional advanced entities and tools for MultiSurf or SurfaceWorks.



Additional advanced tools and techniques for MultiSurf or SurfaceWorks

Adds the following entity types:

3D Points Curves Surfaces
BlendPoint B-Spline Fitted Curve B-Spline Surface
Center Point Conic Foil Lofted Surface
CG Point Expanded Curve NUB-Spline Fitted Surface
Intersection Point NURB Curve NURB Surface
Tabulated Point Radius Arc (type1-3) PolySurf
Beads Tabulated Curve Projected Surface
Break Bead X-Spline Curve Relative Surface
Magnets Snakes Rolling Ball Fillet
Proximity Magnet Arc Snake Tabulated Surface
Tangent Magnet Foil Snake X-Spline Lofted Surface
Trimesh Magnets Geodesic Snake Trimeshes
Trimesh Magnet NURB Snake Copy Trimesh
Trimesh Copy Magnet PolySnake Expanded Trimesh
Trimesh Projected Magnet Relative Snake Offset Trimesh
Rings Trimesh Snakes Poly Trimesh
Break Ring Trimesh B-Spline Snake Surfaces Trimesh
Proximity Ring Trimesh Copy Snake Trimmed Trimesh
Trimesh Rings Trimesh Edge Snake Miscellaneous
Trimesh Ring Trimesh Intersection Snake Formulas
Trimesh Copy Ring Trimesh Projected Snake Knotlist2
Trimesh SubSnake Parametric Solids
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