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MultiSurf for WAMIT Support                                             
MultiSurf 6.0 vs. MultiSurf Solo - .PDF Document              

Instructions for setting up a Network License on a server and client(s). (IT Managers: Please read before installing MultiSurf on your server.)

Install Program for a Network License on a Server.

Instructional Videos


Download here a full install of 8.0

MultiSurf 5.0 Users - Wondering about moving to the updated user interface? We prepared a document just for you. MultiSurf 5 to 6

MultiSurf 5.0.3
Download here a full install of 5.0.3.
Here are Release notes for MultiSurf Service Packs 1-3 (for MultiSurf versions 5.0.1-5.0.3).

NOTE: Anyone using MS-PLEX with MultiSurf 5.0 should contact us and a new installation of MS-PLEX will be e mailed to them.

Release notes to MultiSurf 5.0 available here.

Performance issues in MultiSurf 7.0

Note: If you experience some slow model navigation in MultiSurf 6.7 here is one fix to give you immediate results. In the
Tools/Command Window, type "smoothwireframe 0" to turn off Smooth Wireframe.

MultiSurf Tips archive  

Tutorials and manuals for downloading

New tutorials and manuals!