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SurfaceWorks 8.0 is now available! Download

SurfaceWorks 8.0 could require re-authorization.
Contact us for a new site code

For your convenience in the future, we recommend that after
successfully downloading install packages or documentation you
backup the downloaded files locally and on permanent storage media, such as a compact disc (CD).

SurfaceWorks tutorials and manuals for downloading and printing 
New tutorials and manuals!

Download a pdf file on the Flattener.

Heads up: problems SurfaceWorks users need to be aware of

User-defined Foil Curves -There is a situation where a user-defined foil curve goes into error when SurfaceWorks is opened. We are working on the problem of finding the path of the data file, but it might not be a quick fix.
To clear the error, simply double-click on the curve in the error view. 
Close the edit dialog and the error will be cleared.