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Since 1993, AeroHydro has provided geometry support for the WAMIT Joint Industry Project at M.I.T.'s Computational Hydrodynamics Facility, and has supplied advanced modeling and panelization capabilities to WAMIT users around the world.

The WAMIT tutorial has become quite extensive (now 59 pages), addressing the following topics:

  • Program versions; low and higher-order analysis      

  • Contents of GDF, PAT, and FDF files

  • Making GDF files from MultiSurf models

  • Control of panel inside/outside orientation

  • Control of panel counts (low order topic)

  • Matching of panel edges across patch boundaries

  • Avoidance of multiple coverage

  • Control of panel size distribution, e.g. cosine spacing

  • Use of SubSurfs in panelization

  • Systematic panelization series for convergence studies

  • Dipole patches

  • Making free-surface panels for second-order WAMIT  

  • Higher-order analysis

  • .FRC, .POT Export

  • 9 examples models of ships and offshore structures  

  • Internal tank analysis

We believe it has great potential for systematizing and streamlining preparation of input files for your WAMIT applications.  Educational and site-license discounts and training are available.

Licensed MultiSurf/WAMIT installations include:

M.I.T. Ocean Engineering Dept.

Chevron Petroleum Technology Co.

ExxonMobil Oil Corp.

Aker Engineering

Texas A&M University

MacKnight Pty. Ltd.

Exmar Offshore Co.

Shell Oil Company

            Saga Petroleum

            STATOIL -H ydro

            Marintek A/S

            University of Strathclyde

            Army Corps of Engineers

            University of Duisburg