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ZYD-Billy Joel An upscale 57' commuter style yacht, designed by Doug Zurn.
Related press release.
Luxe Motor 20m
K&S maritiem technisch bureau, Enkhuizen, Netherlands -
more info:
Diana-Yacht 44.4m ocean going motor yacht by Diana Yacht Design, Haarlem, Holland. Read more. Luxe Motor 20m The 20m "Luxe Motor" (left and above) is a traditional inland waterways barge built in large numbers during the 1920's in Holland.
Water is not the only element for exciting MultiSurf designs! 
By J.C. Berland
G&W68ft Ginton & Weber Naval Architects, Haarlem, Holland 
68ft power yacht, max. speed 27 knots, builder: Mulder Shipyards
Go Anywhere Details of Michael Porter's "Go Anywhere" boat - a boat "intended to allow two
middle-aged people to live and work almost anywhere one can go by water." More details on Michael's website.
G&W88ft Ginton & Weber,
88ft power yacht, max. speed 25 knots, builder: Mulder Shipyards
More info:
Go Anywhere - frames
Frames - an example of MultiSurf components (model by John Letcher) Acadia46 Acadia46, Design: Geoffrey Dickes
Builder: Eric Clark, Marine Systems Inc. More info:

NEW  29z by Doug Zurn


In Doug's words: "Some shots of the latest, designed entirely in Multisurf (Hull; deck; windscreen; grid and liner)."
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