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Hundreds of marine designers have made MultiSurf to the design tool of their choice. They all have their own individual approach, and we always like to hear from them and about their solutions. The feedback we get from our customers is one of the most rewarding things about our business. We like to hear about your experience with our software, about your triumphs and successes, but also about your problems. Here is an easy way to contact us:

Our Featured MultiSurf User feature has been popular for years. Here are some of the designers we have introduced on our site:

Klaus Röder, Carpe Diem Yacht Design   

Donald L. Blount and Associates

Andrew Wolstenholme

Hans-Maarten Bais

Fabrizio Merolli

Navatek Ships

Paul Bogataj

Jaron Ginton

Kapteyn & Stromenger

Bob Davis

Links to MultiSurf users' sites:

CRAIN - RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT FOR NAUTICAL TECHNOLOGIES, La Rochelle, France  -- R & D office specializing in nautical  applications.

Carpe Diem Yacht Design, Tutzing, Germany. Prize-winning designs by Klaus Röder.

Landing School of Boatbuilding and Design in Kennebunkport, Maine - for careers in marine industry.

Jussi Mannerberg, the enthusiastic Finnish sailor who became a yacht designer.

Marine Data IOM Limited, Naval Architects & Marine Consultants, Isle of Man

Optimar, Inc. - a naval architecture and marine consulting firm specializing in ship design, CFD, wake wash control and environmental services.

Michael Porter, boat designer and builder from Chebeague Island, Maine..

Tri-Coastal Marine - yacht design and naval architecture; restoration and preservation of historic ships.

Lee S. Wilbur & Co. - Wilbur Yachts
Custom boat builders, Downeast style, Maine tradition, modern technology.

Anthony B. Williams, the developer of SeaShip, software simulating a ship moving in wind-sea and swell.

Andrew Wolstenholme, designing talent from the UK.

Zurn Yacht Design, a full-service design firm in Marblehead, Massachusetts

If you'd like a link from our site to yours, please contact our webmistress.