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Evaluation downloads and demos

We believe in trying before buying and like to give our future customers the opportunity to see for themselves what a program can do before purchasing it.

Marine programs' evaluation

MultiSurf 8.0 now available!
If you would like to sample the latest version of MultiSurf free for 20 days, please fill out this form, and we'll send you a password to download your copy.  

MultiSurf customers: log in here to the customer support site.

Download MultiSurf documentation.

Industrial design programs' evaluation

SurfaceWorks 8.0 now available!
Please answer the questions in this form, and we will contact you with the instructions for downloading a 20-day evaluation copy of either SurfaceWorks or SurfaceWorks Solo. 

Please note: AeroHydro does not support integration with SolidWorks 64 at this time.

SurfaceWorks customers: log in here to the customer support site.

Documents to download


These demos will show you our programs at work:

MultiSurf downloads (patch files and other goodies)

WAMIT panelization examples

Download a set of example files of ships and offshore structures panelized for hydrodynamic analysis with WAMIT, and accompanying documentation. (WAMIT™ is a wave-body analysis code from MIT's Computational Hydrodynamics Facility.)

Components example

Here is a model John Letcher made to demonstrate the capability of MultiSurf to model complex internal framing members for a metal hull. You can see a picture in AeroHydro Gallery,  and download here a zip file containing the model and its three component files, and a write-up that explains how it works.

Relational solids

MultiSurf 6.6 has the capability to represent relational solids. Applications for this include sailboat ballast, other castings, tank volumes and centroids, and 3D volume meshes for computational fluid dynamics and finite element grids. Here is a self-extracting zip file containing a description of the solids functionality (an MS Word .doc) together with two .ms2 sample files.

RuledSolid and BLoftSolid are on the menu (Create/Solid...) in MultiSurf 4.0, and fully integrated into Mass Properties, Weight Schedule, viewing and rendering, etc.

Animation with MultiSurf

MultiSurf has a cool Animate feature available through the Command window. Download here a zip file (28KB) containing a Word document which describes the feature in detail together with several sample files.

Solving geometry problems in MultiSurf

In the Solve command, MultiSurf has a powerful general capability to solve a wide variety of geometry problems involving varying numbers of equality constraints and/or optimizations; for example:

- construct a line that passes through a given point and is tangent to a given circle;
- construct a line that is simultaneously tangent to two circles;
- construct an arc that is simultaneously tangent to two curves;
- find the maximum-beam point on a boat hull;
- find the curve on a hull where the normal vector has no x-component (this is the place to cut and insert a parallel midbody that will have C1 continuity.)

Download a self-extracting zip file Solve.exe that documents this capability and gives several examples of its use.


MultiSurf customer support

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